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Our Inspiration

Defined Agency’s name pays homage to one of the security industry’s most beloved leaders, Frank P. DeFina. A truly incredible human being both in business and with people. His stories about life applied to every business situation. He took the time to show people how to shine. Frank was an advocate for promoting women within the industry and if you were lucky enough to have been under his wing – Frank taught you how to fly.

Frank left this world too early, but touched many lives with his smile and his music. Most of us can’t hear Johnny Cash today without thinking of Frank. We find ourselves telling his stories and saying “what would Frank do?” and smile as we think of his crazy genius ideas. It’s only natural that Defined Agency bear Frank’s name and pay tribute to the time he took to mentor its president.

Thank you Mr. DeFina

Our mission is to offer companies the opportunity to stay relevant by giving them a platform to tell their story and to stand out. We want to grow their brand recognition and show their customers that they have a product or service that is industry worthy. No matter the size of the company, we create a strategy tailored to meet their needs.

Marketing makes you relatable to your customer. You show us “why your product?” we will show you how to show it off. Marketing helps build your momentum and interest, resulting in demand. It’s like dating – if you don’t get out there and date, how do you expect to find someone? We love to engage your target audience in different ways starting with content. Make it fun, make it interesting! Let’s do this!

Your sales and marketing should work hand in hand as a solid team – Smarketing. Working together attracts, informs and retains customers. We understand how crucial this relationship is and we take the time to involve your sales team when developing strategies.

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